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Anonymous asked, "Headcanon will be that Arthur and Matthew are half-brothers. Why? Because they have the same father! Who is yet to be revealed."

((That is not canon, ahhhh I’ve gotten so many messages about this. I mean, that can be your headcanon if you want, but that’s not it. Two different parties, two different ladies, two different men. )))

Anonymous asked, "Maddie- did Amelia at least get to see Matthew before she passed away?"


vivalafrickfrackers asked, "is this blog still active??"

((lol i’m so lazy))

ladyoftherose asked, "Alfred, Alice will understand. Time to get it off your chest."

Anonymous asked, "Alice you have no clue about the guy you're dating's past. Doesn't that feel wrong to you?"

You look like you’re about to cry?

…Are you sick? What’s the matter with you?

Anonymous asked, "Arthur if you don't like Alice and Alfred together, why not just break them up?"


I have a friend now, so they can spend as much time as they want with each other. 

Anonymous asked, "Norwayxblearus?"

(( >A<) If this is a request, please take it to my art blog, I do not do that here…

Norway isn’t even in this storyyyy ))

Anonymous asked, "I realize you don't show some of the characters too often why?"


I dunno man, I ain’t got enough energy to throw ‘em all out there at once. And it is BONNEFOY daycare. Got to keep the focus on the star here! ))

Anonymous asked, "Damsel Magic Anon! You are a damsel in distress until someone rescues you or you find some way to rescue yourself! Minimum of 5 asks! (and ya dont gotta be tied up but it is recommended)"

((I’m sorry, I don’t do magic anons!))