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air-a-shii asked, "Alfred! Try CASUALLY looking around the daycare. Pretend you're not looking for anything so the kids won't know!"

Anonymous asked, "Sweetie, make sure to give that back to Mr. Jones. You shouldn't take things without permission, especially when it's from someone else's things."


I found it fair and square, so it’s MINE!

Finders keepers!!!!

Anonymous asked, "D-Darling you really... really shouldn't be playing with that ring, doesn't it look expensive? Someone may miss it..."


Anonymous asked, "Oh no! Alfred! CHECK THE KIDS!"


Anonymous asked, "OH SHIT THE RINGS GONE"


(Getting back into the swing of things, I hope to be able to update more soon!)

air-a-shii asked, "Be honest Mr. Francis, do you ever dream about Ms. Madeline?"


Maybe sometimes…

Anonymous asked, "So let me get this straight, you DO NOT take requests, right? I'm probably way behind and this may have been asked before but just checking. Sorry."

(( Not here, but try checking in on my art blog every now and then!


I’m always open for requests there, but there is no guarantee that I can get to them all since I have been very busy lately with work and dealing with my recent health problems! ))